Gammalaze diode .3WP

3 wave laser hair removal 


Permanent Hair removal 

10,000,000 shots

suitable for all skin types (I-VI)

removes all hair types and colour including grey and red

painless with 20HZ repetition 

1 year warranty 

Gamma laze diode .3WP, small but powerful this is the elite in laser hair removal. Pain free laser destroys any hair found in its path. The integrated combination of 3 wavelengths provides a safe treatment with excellent results on all skin types from I-VI including tanned skin, all hair types from fine to course including grey and red hairs. 

*Alex wavelength 750nm provides detection of all hair types and colour, this wavelength offers a more powerful energy absorption penetrating the lighter, finer and ingrowing hair.

*Speed wavelength 810nm halves the treatment time, the high repetition rate combined with the deep penetration enables safe use on darker skin included tanned.

*Yag wavelength 1064nm is characterised by lower melanin absorption making a more focused treatment target the bulb and papilla while at the same time targeting the deeply embedded hair.

The fast mode is designed to damage the hair follicle at a gradual rate resulting in a pain free, safe and fast treatment. Medical CE and FDA approved.

continuous working capasity